'Non-Violent Action For Tibet' Workshop
(June 6-11, 2002. Tenzin Gang, Arunachal Pradesh)

'Martyr Pillar' ready to be inaugurated

Day Five (Monday. June 10, 2002): A monk from the Gyuato Tantric University spent the whole night in candle light carving the 'writings' on the marble. By 5pm, he completed his work and the marble was delivered to us. Sethu stated filling black paint on the carving while I was painting the 'yellow rising sun' on the pillar.

Morning exercise saw only six participants. Today, we played a game with six people. It was fun. Later we worked to clean the vicinity of the 'Martyr Pillar'. The 'Martyr Pillar' is almost ready. The pillar was painted red today. And the paint was mixed with some drops of blood every participant and trainer donated. Mason, Jampa la came down to help paste the marble plate over the pillar. Its time to colour the pillar with red oxide.

The pillar is almost ready now. The yellow paint we ordered some days ago should reach here at any time. One needs to travel atleast 5-6 hours by road to reach the nearest city in Assam.

Today's morning session talk is by Tenzin Tsedup la. The topic was 'Freedom Struggle Inside Tibet' and he spoke on various issues including his experiences in the prison in Tibet. And there were many discussions -- on violence and non-violence and what people in exile can do for the six million inside. Discussion went on for hours.

Lunch time was shortened by 30 minutes and was allotted to discuss Mahatma Gandhi's 'Hind Swaraj' or 'Indian Home Rule'. Many had just started reading the book. 'Hind Swaraj' was distributed in Tibetan, English and Hindi. Three of us spoke on the significance of the book written by Gandhiji in 1909. I read out some of the passages from the book and explained them to the floor.

Discussion on Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule

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List of Participants (Tenzin Gang): Thupten Sherab, Kunchok Phuntsok, Thupten Gandhum, Ngawang Rinchen, Dhondup Tsering, Tenzin Norbu, Tashi Gyatso, Yeshi Dhondup, Sonam Dekyi, Tsering Dolkar, Tenzin Nyima, Tsering Phuntsok, Tenzin Dakpa, Ngawang Tsering, Rinzin Choedhak, Dechen Wangmo, G Wangmo, Choesom Dolma, Kalsang Wangmo, Jampal Wangmo, Kunchok Tsomo, Tsering Youdon and Jampa Phuntsok.