'Non-Violent Action For Tibet' Workshop
(Sept 9-14, 2002. Chandragiri, Orissa)

Participants and Triners Donating Blood

Day 5 (Sept 13, 2002): We gathered at 6.30am. Today we could not run up to Camp no: 2. Thirteen participants who came for the morning exercise are though mostly youngsters, some of them have never done any running in their life. Two of the four girls were finding it difficult to cover long distances. We have one more day in Orissa to see whether we all can run up to Camp no: 2.

It was Sethu Das' talk this morning. 'Though I do not feel that I am an outsider, I think it is important to look at the issue from 'An Outsider's Point Of View' he said. His critical analysis of the situation in exile brought sad looks on all particiapants. Same time, they appreciated the talk.

'Martyr Pillar' needed to be painted. The carved marble had come. Not having found a single Tibetan from a settlement of more than 3,000 Tibetans who could do the carving, we had to depend on an Indian living near the settlement to do the carving and polishing of the marble. Tibetans seem to be showing signs of losing their traditional skills.

During the morning tea break, the participants and the trainers donated few drops of blood to be added to the red cement for the pillar. Blood in the paint is a symbolic gesture that salute the sacrifices made by all the martyrs. Some were holding the hand of others while the nurse was performing the blood extraction, but they faced it.

Till lunch two groups practiced their dramas. There was a special lunch for all in appreciation of the ongoing workshop process, the staff members individually collected money for the lunch.

In the afternoon, the drama presentations happened. Group A presented the story of a family which was forced to seek asylum in India. Group B's drama was titled 'Semghul' 'Change In Mind' or and the story was about a Tibetan family in India. Both dramas talk about the confusion among the young Tibetans in India about seeking a visa to the US. Participants were encouraged and they decided to perform the same to the public.

Today is the day of the participants. Now they have to speak to the public in their own camps -- one of the most effective exercises in the workshop. Karma la and Tsedup la accompanied the team to Camp no: 4 and Camp no: 5 at 3pm. Sethu and myself went to Camp no: 1 and Camp no: 2, 3 met at 4.30pm. It was amazing to see some of the participants who never said a word in the workshop spoke so well trying to raise public awareness about the struggle.

Drama As A Means Of Expression

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List of Participants (Orissa): Migmar, Rinchen Gelek, Tenzin Losang, Tsering Dolma, Tenzin Mindup, Samten Wangmo, Tenzin Wangmo, Sonam Yangchen, Kalsang, Tashi Gyatso, Tsering Dhondup, Tenzin Choephel, Tsewang Thinley, Ngawang Tsetan, Dorjee, Nyima Tsering, Gedun Sangpo, Pema Tashi, Dawa Rinchen, Pema Sither, Choeying Gyurmey, Tsering Gyalpo, Karma Dorjee and Penpa Thackchoe.