'Non-Violent Action For Tibet' Workshop
(July 9-15, 2002. Rabangla. Sikkim)

A Scene from The Drama Presented by Group B

Day Four (Friday. July 12, 2002): This morning the participants were grouped into two by Gyatso la and Tsering la for the physical exercise. Gyatso la's team went for jogging little away from the village while the other team remained at the ground.

My talk on 'An Activist's Insights' started early at 8.30am. This was followed by a question and answer session and we departed for the 'Martyr Pillar' site to continue with the work. Basic structure of the pillar was ready with bricks. We now need to wait for a day and then put a cement coating. The marble tablet is ready to be carved. We are still looking for for a man to do the carving. We were told about an old Tibetan living in a hill near Tashi Jong two hours from Rabangla. If this does not happen we may have to paint the letterings on marble.

At 1.30pm, we assembled for the afternoon session. 'Drama As A Means of Expression' was introduced by Karma Yeshi la and I berifly spoke on the techniques of dramatics after introducing to the world of drama. Two groups were formed with equal number of boys and girls on either side. Themes for a possible drama were discussed. Then characters were looked for. Stories got woven by people's suggestions. It is interesting to watch how a group of people script, act and make a drama in two days spending only three to fours hours a day in it. The amount of energy and efforts they put in it comes out clear in the presentations we've witnessed in the past six workshops. Here too the drama session is turning into a successful one.

After the tea, four parts of the film 'A Force More Powerful: A Century of Non-Violent Conflict' were discussed.

Lodoe Nangpa la Presents The Drama for Group A

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List of Participants (Rabangla): Tsewang Paljor, Tsering Wangyal, Rinchen Dolma, Tsewang Choedon, Tsering Yangchen, Sonam Lhamo, Tsering Youdon, Bhuchung Tsering, Ugyen Tenzin, Lhakpa Bhuti, Dikyi, Karma Yangdol, Migmar Dolma, Pema Wangyal, Rinzin Khando, Tsering Tashi, Tsering Phuntsok, Lodoe Nangpa, Sonam Tsering, Youton Gyatso, Nyima Tsering, Youten Gyatso, Nyima Tsering, Tsechae Lhamo, Dolma Tsering, Thinley Youdon, Tsomo, Sonam Tharhyal, Nima Tsering, Kalsang Choedon and Woesel Lhamo.