'Non-Violent Action For Tibet' Workshop
(July 9-15, 2002. Rabangla. Sikkim)

Participants and trainers with Sangpo la, the Settlement Officer

Day One (Tuesday. July 9, 2002): It is 9.15am. Dekey Tsering Hall was well arranged for the workshop. With exactly 30 participants, we begun the workshop on 'Non-Violent Action For Tibet' organised by the Friends of Tibet (INDIA) at the Kunphelling Tibetan Settlement in Rabangla, Sikkim.

The representative and settlement officer of the Rabangla settlement, Sangpo la welcomed the workshop team to his settlement and congratulated us for conducting previous six successful workshops in NE states in India.

The session started with 'Introductions.' Many participants were shy and said brifly about their past. Karma Yeshi la's talk 'Mapping The Tibetan Freedom Struggle' gave the gathering a flavour of the workshop. Participants are seen finally settled with the idea of the workshop. There were three questions and comments.

Sangpo la, Gives The Inaugural Speech

Then we broke up for lunch. Participants had to go to their homes for lunch. We returned at 1.30pm. We then distributed the reading materials. I introduced the 'Rangzen Band' and Mahatma Gandhi's 'Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule' and drew similarities on how Tibet and India lost their freedom.

We spent 30 minutes discussing the coming six days. Physical training will begin from tomorrow at 5.30am under Youten Gyatso, an ex-soldier with the Special Frontier Force (SFF).

Karma Yeshi la introduced the 'Martyr Pillar' to the people of Rabangla -- its significance and importance. Two boys spoke on the importance of such monuments in Rabangla. We then visited the spot. We selected the ground in front of the settlement monastery. Back in the hall, the participants discussed the technical aspects of the pillar. Some volunteered to bring the tools.

It rained the whole afternoon. The film 'Gandhi' (Dir: Sir Richard Attenborough) was screened to the participants and the public.

Selecting The Site for 'Martyr Pillar'

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List of Participants (Rabangla): Tsewang Paljor, Tsering Wangyal, Rinchen Dolma, Tsewang Choedon, Tsering Yangchen, Sonam Lhamo, Tsering Youdon, Bhuchung Tsering, Ugyen Tenzin, Lhakpa Bhuti, Dikyi, Karma Yangdol, Migmar Dolma, Pema Wangyal, Rinzin Khando, Tsering Tashi, Tsering Phuntsok, Lodoe Nangpa, Sonam Tsering, Youton Gyatso, Nyima Tsering, Youten Gyatso, Nyima Tsering, Tsechae Lhamo, Dolma Tsering, Thinley Youdon, Tsomo, Sonam Tharhyal, Nima Tsering, Kalsang Choedon and Woesel Lhamo.