'Non-Violent Action For Tibet' Workshop
(May 26 - June 1, 2002. Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh)

Settlement officer also got trained - physically

Day Five (Friday. May 31, 2002): It was a bright day today. The sun was high up when it was only 5.30am. So the whole morning exercise began in hot sun.

The 'Martyr Pillar' is dry now and four people are working on it constantly. It needed to be covered with a layer of sand and cement.

Tenzin Tsedup's talk on 'The Freedom Struggle Inside Tibet' started five minutes late as the trainees were taken for a quick tour by the settlement officer to show the settlement water projects entirely based on the springs they have near the river. This water is enough to provide for more than four camps and for their irrigation purposes.

'Reaching The Public' -- it is the turn of the trainees. The group was divided into four which consists of atleast 4-5 trainees and they have to speak to their people or address their camp in the evening. It started at 5.30pm. Trainees had to organise the entire meeting -- from arranging the venue to inviting the people to structuring the meeting. Trainers were divided into two groups which will accompany the trainees at each camps. It began at 5.30pm and the results were amazing. This was a clear demonstration of what an ordinary, inexperienced Tibetan can do.

Our Turn: Planning today's public meet

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List of Participants (Tezu): Sangay Dorjee, Sangay Lhanzom, Dorjee Khando, Bu Tsering, Jampal Tsantso, Sonam Chokyi, Dawa Dolma, Passang Lhamo, Chime Khando, Tenzin Lhakay, Tsultrim Tsomo, Tenzin Dolma, Lhawang Gonpo, Tenzin Deshek, Tenzin Chokey, Jampal Dorjee, Wangyal Nyima, Gyurmay, Thinley Dorjee, Dawa Dorjee, Thupten Choegyal, Tenzin Sangpo, Nwawang Gelek, Tenzin Kursel, Tenzin Dhondup and Tsering Dhondup.