Friends of Tibet (INDIA)

Activities So Far (2)

91. 'Google Boycott': Submission of a memorandum to the Google chief in India to protest Google's decision to allow China to censor its stock and withhold information - in association with the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Hyderabad.
(February 14, 2006. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)
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92. 'Tibetan National Uprising Day': Seminar, screening of the documentary 'Tibet: Cry of the Snowlion' at the GJ Advani Law College, Bandra, Bombay on March 10, 2006 on the 47th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day.
(March 10, 2006. Bombay)
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93. 'Freedom Ride': Motorcycle-rally from Kolkata to Chandragiri in Orissa on April 21, 2006 for the realease of the Panchen Lama of Tibet by the Kolkata Chapter of Friends of Tibet (India) and 'Hands For The Panchen Lama' campaign in Kolkata city.
(March 21-25, 2006. Calcutta-Orissa)
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94. 'Save The Hindu Campaign': Nation-wide signature campaign to save The Hindu newspaper and to expose/introduce Xinhua - the propaganda agency of the Chinese Communist Party to its readers.
(May 1, 2006)
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95. 'Tibet Summer Camp': Friends of Tibet (Delhi) organises a four-day summer camp in Dharamshala - meets with officials from the Tibetan Government-in-exile, political activists, former political prisoners and those involved in the Tibetan struggle for independence.
(June 2-6, 2006, Dharamshala, HP)
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96. 'Remembering Tiananmen': Friends of Tibet (Bombay) in association with Indian Liberal Group and Freedom First commemorates the 17th anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre with the screening of: "Tiananmen: The Gate of Heavenly Peace" at Colaba YMCA, Bombay.
(June 4, 2006, Bombay, Maharashtra)
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97. 'World Tibet Day 2006': 'Conflicts' Film Festival and cutting of Golmud-Lhasa Railway Cake at Kashi Art Café, Fort Kochi on July 6, 2006 in association with Design & People and Kashi.
(July 6, 2006, Fort Kochi, Kerala)
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98. 'World Tibet Day 2006': One-day festival of films on Tibet at the Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Calcutta on July 6, 2006 organised by Friends of Tibet (Calcutta).
(July 6, 2006, Calcutta, West Bengal)
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99. 'Conflicts' Film-Fest: The Nature Club of Rajagiri College of Social Sciences in association with Design & People, Friends of Tibet and Greenpeace (India) organise - 'Conflicts' film-festival at the Rajagiri College, Kalamassery from July 25-27, 2006.
(July 25-27, 2006, Kalamassery, Kerala)
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