(Pune, Maharashtra | February 28-29, 2006)

Pune: Pune: On the 28th and 29th of January 2006, the Human Rights Cell of Symbiosis Law College along with Friends of Tibet: Pune organised a two day Tibet Film Festival at the college auditorium. The good sized audience consisted mostly of the Symbiosis students and Tibetan students from various colleges in the city. Four films were shown, namely Windhorse (Feature Film / Dir: Paul Wagner), Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion (Documentary / Dir: Tom Peosay), The Cup (Feature Film / Dir: Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche), and Shadow Circus: the CIA in Tibet (Documentary / Dir: Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam).

On the 29th, Tibetan poet-activist Tenzin Tsundue was present for the discussion. He answered questions from the audience, and spoke on the dilemmas that Tibetans and the free Tibet movement are confronted with today, both within Tibet and in exile. After the program, these issues were picked up again when Tenzin separately met with the members of the Human Rights Cell on the 30th afternoon. On all three days, a wide range of issues was considered, including the evolving identities of Tibetans, political options for Tibet, international perceptions of the movement, the potential role of law students and lawyers in the movement, India’s official position on the issue, and what support Indians can contribute.

This program is, hopefully, the first of many new interactions within Pune's dynamic and diverse community.

'Symbiosis-Friends-of-Tibet-Film-Festival' was held at the Symbiosis Law College, on auditorium from January 28-29, 2006 and was organised by the Human Rights Cell of Symbiosis Law College in association with Friends of Tibet: Pune Chapter.